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Founder and Host of Net Builders 360 web series and podcast for entrepreneurs

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Founder of Proentity LLC - Financial education and services

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Founder of RJ Stewart Inspire - Small Business Coaching/Consultant Firm

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Small Business Development Instructor/Board Member of Young Businessmen of Washington (YBMW) Non Profit Organization

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Financial Literacy Instructor and facilitator of Fund Your life Project Founded by CJK Community Homes

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US Army Combat Veteran 

10 years of service

3 Combat Tours

Author of "Killing Your Inner Employee" in 2021

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Born in 1986 to Ronald Stewart Sr and Sandra Goston, RJ Stewart spent his earliest years in the urban community of Amityville, NY.

Shortly after birth he found himself living in a single parent home occasionally visited by his alcoholic and abusive father. His mother, Sandra would commonly have to relocate RJ and his younger siblings to a handful of states on the east coast in order to escape their abusive father. They rotated through New York, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland until they finally settled in Newport News, VA when RJ turned 15.

By this time, RJ had already developed a strong sense of hard work and independence from having to look after his younger brothers and sisters while his mother worked two jobs to take care of the family. At the age of 16 he was kick out of the house and made the decision to attend The Charleston Job Corps Center in West Virginia. There he earned his GED and allied business certification. He departed Job Corps at the age of 17 and spent the next year homeless. At 18 he enlisted into the US Army as an Infantryman and served 10 years which included 3 combat tours to Iraq. He participate in the Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn Campaigns. He also married at the age of 19 during his enlistment. 3 years later his first daughter, Amira Stewart was born.

In 2011, RJ Stewart and his wife were divorced and he was honorably discharged from the Army. At this time he had began to suffer from depression, anxiety and PTSD, alcohol consumption had peaked and once again he found himself homeless. In 2012 he was hospitalized for an intentional opioid overdose. This would be the first of three suicidal attempts by Mr. Stewart. 

In 2014, RJ ventured out and opened his first business, Grey rose Solutions. It was a small sole proprietor that specialized in web design. Though the venture failed horribly, it was enough to fascinate him with the idea of entrepreneurship. Soon he began to study the art and lifestyle of entrepreneurship while opening several other business and helping other business owners become successful in their business endeavors.

"I believe that my success comes from the adverse experiences in my life. They put me into situations that caused me to break constantly so I had to learn how to repair myself while building the new me. I learned to use this ability when it comes to running a business. I'm able to analyze broken systems in my business and repair them while building new systems and I never have to halt day to day operation to do so." ~ RJ Stewart Inspire


Coping with Mental Illness while running a business

Being a father to a special needs child while maintaining a fully functional business

Applying military values into the entrepreneur world

Transitioning from military to civilian life

The fight to gain mental stability after war

My battle with alcoholism

Please let me know if there are any other topics that you would be interested in speaking on. I'm very open to talking about anything mentioned in my bio.

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